The Eversons

Four rude dudes from New Zealand, living in London

The Eversons are four rude dudes from New Zealand, living in London


The Eversons are four New Zealand dudes fresh off the boat to London. They play a distinctly New Zealand sounding kind of indie rock, influenced by the Modern Lovers, Pulp and Blur as well as a bunch of NZ bands you might not have heard of like The Clean, Split Enz, and the music from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.   

They have a bunch of different sounding records but as a live band they rock like The Rolling Stones- they’re loud, in-your-face, and they rule.

The Eversons are releasing their second album ‘Stuck In New Zealand’ through their NZ and Japanese labels in late November. Here's what the critics say about the band:

“Imagine Flight of the Conchords in a long passionate embrace with a dazzling diaspora of Clean fans” - Everett True that legendary critic guy

“Clever might be the key word to their sound, because they often sound like a bunch of college students too smart for their own good, and frankly, it’s addictive. There isn’t enough music like this that is as blatantly honest and self-effacing as it is skilled.” - Spindle Magazine

“Love the lyrics!” - Alex Kapranos that guy from Franz Ferdinand




The Eversons - Stuck in New Zealand (Live in Waipu)

The Eversons - Good at Making Enemies

The Eversons - Emily 

The Eversons - Loser