The Eversons

Four rude dudes from New Zealand, living in London

The Eversons are four rude dudes from New Zealand, living in London

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=sEASON 2= 

Episode 2 - Good At Making Enemies

It's the second season baby!! In this episode we look into Chris Young's 'Good At Making Enemies'. We touch on all the usual serious topics like the Holocaust, Stephen Hawking, and even Scary Movie 2 gets a shout out. Plenty of demos and shenanigans. 


Episode 1 - Give Me More

Welcome back to the new season of Hicks From The Sticks, the podcast that follows my band The Eversons, moving countries and talking a whole lot of shit. We've been in London for a year now and we've just released our brand new, second album 'Stuck In New Zealand'. Over this season we'll be going through the whole album track by track, showing you demos, live versions, and giving you all the lols and good times behind recording this album at home DIY styles. We'll also be interweaving episodes about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, interviews with our mates who helped with the record, and other important topics close to our heart. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the new season of Hicks From The Sticks. 

In this first episode we look at the first song from our new record, 'Give Me More'. 



Special Episode - The Making of the Good At Making Enemies video

This episode we talk about making the video clip for our new single 'Good At Making Enemies', which our guitarist Blair directed.

We have a whole new season of the podcast coming out from mid-November, where we look at each song on our new record 'Stuck In New Zealand' and talk a whole lot more shit. See you there.


 =season 1 =

Episode 9 - A History of The Eversons, Different Lineups

The band has had a few different lineups over the years. The boys talk you through their five year history with plenty of live audio clips and shenanigans.



Episode 8 - Pep Talk! #1

Okay so our drummer Jacob can't make it to London. He gave us a call about a week before his flight saying that he'd changed his mind and that he wants to stay in Auckland. What a bummer! We'll miss having you around Jacob dude. But we've regrouped and started practicing as a four piece with Blair on Bass, Tim on drums, Chris on guitar and Mark singing. It's sounding really good we'll record a song at practice and show you guys. I'm really stoked on this new line up can't wait to get out and play a bunch of shows.

But things got dark there for a bit, I mean it felt like our friend had bailed on us. And so in this dark time of need we turn to the Peps for support and guidance. What would Keidis do? This is the first in a series of RHCP appreciation episodes. Guilty pleasure or full blown love affair? You decide.



Episode 7 - 2015 In Review

The boys sit down in Wales to discuss the best albums, singles and Eversons moments of 2015. 



Episode 6 - Isaac Joins The Band

This week we sit down after a practice at our space in Hackney Wick to share a jazz cigarette and to talk with Isaac. Isaac's filling in on drums while we wait for Jacob to get his ass over here. We talk about his band Two Cartoons and their experience moving from Dunedin to London. 



Episode 5 - Welcome To London

This is our first episode from London! We made it! And oh my god the second day we're in our new flat and a guy is shot and killed on our street. Holy shit!

Check in with all the dudes as we discuss what we've been up to for the last few weeks. We'll be getting back into fortnightly episodes now that we have a flat and some microphones. So we'll see you around. 



Episode 4 - Jacob the Drummer

This is our last episode in New Zealand. We talk to Jacob about his experiences living in London with The Checks and Splashh. Maybe he'll come to London with us? He seems to be changing his mind about staying in New Zealand...



Episode 3 - Streaming Music

In this episode we discuss music streaming from the living room of our Auckland flat. We all read this article in the New Zealand Herald where some local Auckland artists discuss music streaming and how it effects them. There's an overall anti-streaming sentiment out there amongst musicians so we give you are our positive take on streaming. 

On a side note, don't drink and podcast kids. Hear me as I embarrassingly slur my way through the intro, 'Welcome welcome and welcome to Hicks From The Sticks'. Haha god damn it. 



Episode 2 - Woah Japan is Pretty Weird

In this episode the guys are still in NZ getting ready for the move to London. We've just got back from Japan, our first ever international tour. This is a slightly longer episode where we discuss our experiences and how AWESOME it all was. Check out all the sweet photos and videos we took over on our Facebook



Episode 1 - Meet The Eversons

Welcome to the very first episode of Hicks From The Sticks, the podcast that follows our band 'The Eversons' as we move from tiny New Zealand to the big city of London.

In the first episode we hangout at our Grey Lynn flat in Auckland. Mark, Chris, Blair, and Tim talk about what it's like to be in a band in New Zealand, as well as wildly speculating on what it'll be like to be a band in London. Jacob the drummer unexpectedly drops in because his bike broke while he was riding past. We have a chat about what to expect from our very first and upcoming international tour of Japan.