The Eversons

Four rude dudes from New Zealand, living in London

The Eversons are four rude dudes from New Zealand, living in London

HI we're The Eversons, four New Zealand dudes fresh off the boat to London. Since 2010 we've been living together and making DIY records in our living room. We've just finished making our second album 'Stuck In New Zealand'. It's an eclectic home-spun mix of New Wave, 60s pop and Rock 'n Roll with in your face, psychedelic production. 


We've released the first single from the album, 'Emily', which has racked up over 100k views so far. The next single will be 'Good At Making Enemies', with the third being 'Baby You're A Jerk'. We have a fourth video to be completed in October for 'Hippie Girl'. All these videos are below. 


The Eversons are four cool New Zealand dudes living in London. Since 2010 they've been living together, making DIY records at their flat, and touring the world. Their sound is eclectic and their new record ‘Stuck in New Zealand’ is full of in-your-face psychedelic indie rock influenced by the likes of The Modern Lovers, Pulp, and Blur.

The critics are really into these guys. They’re always on about the witty lyrics or the sweet harmonies. Spindle Magazine reckons “clever might be the key word to their sound, because they often sound like a bunch of college students too smart for their own good, and frankly, it’s addictive. There isn’t enough music like this that is as blatantly honest and self-effacing as it is skilled.” Legendary critic Everett True says “Imagine Flight of the Conchords in a long passionate embrace with a dazzling diaspora of Clean fans”. Aww shucks.

Because they can record themselves at home, The Eversons have made all sorts of records. To name a few, they’ve done a Japanese-language EP as cartoon band The Emilys, released a suicide-themed Christmas single and commissioned a tribute EP to themselves with covers by their favourite New Zealand bands. They released their Pavement-y first album ‘Summer Feeling’ in 2012 and the critics loved it. New Zealand national paper the Sunday Star Times gave it three out of four stars and gave it album of the week, and even that guy from Franz Ferdinand is into it, “Love the lyrics!” Cheers Alex Kapranos.

Their new album ‘Stuck in New Zealand’ is all recorded and ready to go.